What is energy healing

and how does it work?

Energy healing works through the power of illumination, transmission and conscious action across the whole expression of your mental, emotional and physical being.

It is an interactive modality, meaning you will see greater benefits and progress
the more you immerse yourself in the process.

Healing through awareness

healing through awareness. 

It is by shining the light of awareness into the dark recesses of our behaviour patterns that the real opportunity for growth and transformation is illuminated.

The root cause of a repeating pattern - in relationships, family behaviour, career choices, self-destructive patterning, addictions, etc - often lies deeply encoded in the complexity of what makes up the human aura, soul and spirit.

As an energy healer, I help interpret the language from these less explored places of the self, and hold space for the deepest parts of you to be revealed and healed.

A new perspective can bring fresh light to what feels stuck and unmovable, and show the path to forgiveness and release, ushering in a wonderful sense of unburdening and liberation.

Together we explore the matrix of your multidimensional self to pinpoint the blocks that are holding you back on your journey of evolution. This awareness and acknowledgment of where issues lie and, most importantly, what they are there to teach us is the first step towards healing.

Emotional healing

emotional healing

The study of energy healing teaches us that within each of our cells is held the entire expression of who we are and what we have been through. Every action is recorded. Every emotion is registered.

If negative emotion, trauma and painful experience is not processed, assimilated and released, it can stagnate and create discomfort, disease and dysfunction in the body.

To be truly healthy, the cells and organs of the body should be vibrating harmoniously, aligned and all working together.

By transmitting the light of awareness through to the emotional body, what is old, stagnant and decrepit can be released, and make way a lighter, more easeful and buoyant inner sensation. An internal sense of peace returns and we can rest back into an innate serenity.

The emotional body is also where we hold all of our sense responses, sensations and the subtle fabric of our dreams. It is where we create the emotion that will bring our prayers into manifestation, and so it is important to raise the vibration of our emotions as much as possible - where there is resentment to bring in forgiveness, where there is fear, love; anger, compassion. 

Conscious action

conscious action

No real healing can take place without the complicity and dedicated participation of YOU.

Developing willpower through practices and conscious action is a huge part of the healing process, and through this work, you will build the inner strength that our times are calling for. You will clear and cleanse your energy field making you unshakeable and empowered, strong and steady, no matter what comes your way.

I will give you down-to-earth, applicable practices for your daily life that will sustain and support the deep-level work we are doing, including:

  • Short daily rituals to help you align with higher energies
  • Easy practices that will facilitate the release of negative patterns
  • Simple meditations for morning and night
  • Uncomplicated tweaks for your diet to assist in the purification process
  • Suggestions for exercise and supportive therapies suited to your needs
  • Access to 20 years’ experience of alternative practices



why work with me

Because where you are most stuck really can become a source of great joy.  Because there is such a thing as deep healing and through that a whole new level of ease and abundance can emerge. Having a clear-seeing guide to help you stop doing the things that aren't working for you, start doing things that do work truly changes everything. Working with me gives you a psychic eye at your back to help you sharpen your own capacity to see the road in front of you and make the right choices, form the best relationships, and avoid those energies that just bring you down or cause you suffering.

Maybe you have experienced other healing modalities in the past, and maybe you felt great for while - a day, a week, maybe even longer - but then the effects wore off, and old patterns returned. This is a common happening, and this is where the work I do is different. This healing is far-reaching, eye-opening and lasting. We really go to the root of a blockage and work across the three vital aspects of your being - mental, emotional and physical - in ways that are guided, safe and grounded.

I offer profound insight and support to help free you from structures, patterns and beliefs that are limiting your evolution, and guide you into a way of being that is light, joyful and filled with a sense of wonder and ease.



why now?

The times we are living in present an extraordinary opportunity for healing. Energetically, through the very vibrations of our atmosphere, we are being invited into higher levels of awareness and growth, to access amazing energy that can help release the beliefs and conditioning of our past and move forwards
to a new way of being.

The earth herself is moving through unprecedented time of shift and transformation. It is the time for old patterns and structures to be dismantled, to let go of systems that kept us in separation and survival and to open to a more harmonious way of living in alignment with divine laws.

Sometimes, during this time of change, you can feel unbalanced or overwhelmed, as old patterns within you rise to the surface for healing. However, with the right guidance, this temporary and necessary purification can be a journey of great revelation and peace.

The time is now.






Sessions are available on an individual basis, or you may prefer to benefit from a package of five or 10 sessions to cover more issues, or to maintain your energy at high levels...


about jill

Jill is a gifted energy intuitive and healer whose penetrating insight and keen ability to read energy quickly gets to the root of issues. She effectively brings clarity and awareness to places where there is blocked energy...


how to prepare

Each person is different and as such no two sessions are the same. Every session is guided depending on your needs at the time and is supported by the presence of high energetic frequency for healing. According to questions and issues you may have...